Snus, a sucking tobacco, has entered South Korea

Swedish snus and nicotine pouches are becoming popular as an alternative to smoking. Using is very easy. Here is how to do it!

1. Choose & buy a tin of Swedish snus pouches

Purchase one or more tins of snus online. Make sure it is the Swedish type of nicotine pouches. (American snuff is a completely different type of product.)

Inside the tin, the snus is packed in pouches that somewhat resemble tea bags but are small enough to fit under your lip. Clean white snus will satisfy your nicotine craving, but not does not contain any tobacco. The pouches are very slim and have a fresh scent.

2. Take a pouch of snus with your fingers

Open the lid and grab a pouch by the corner using your thumb and index finger. Lift it out of the tin. You are now well on your way towards nicotine heaven.

3. Insert the pouch under your upper lip

With your other hand, lift your upper lip so that you can place the nicotine pouch between your lip and gums. Adjust the pouch if necessary, for the most comfortable fit. Traditionally snus pouches are placed to either the left or the right, rather than in the middle, but clean white snus pouches are small, so do whatever feel best for you.

You can also get the pouch in position by placing it near the tip of your tongue and sliding it in place.

With experience you will be able to put in a snus in a very subtle and discrete manner.

4. Keep the snus pouch in as long as you enjoy it

It will not take long now before you start experiencing the nicotine buzz. Different brands of snus contain different amounts of nicotine and some brands come in different strengths as well. The effect and the time it takes for a snus to “wear out” varies accordingly.

It is common to keep the snus pouch in for about 15 minutes to one hour.

There is absolutely no need to spit while using snus. Spitting is a disgusting habit anyway. Just go about your business as usual: Smile, talk and swallow your saliva as you normally would as a civilized human being. It is not going to upset your stomach.

You can even drink with a snus in your mouth, but most users prefer to dine without it. Because of the nicotine content, it is not advisable to swallow a snus pouch.

The ingredients are not suitable for consumption in high quantities – remember that nicotine is a chemical, and should only be used as recommended in this article. If you feel unwell after having swallowed a snus pouch, you can always visit your doctor for a quick check-up.
Too much nicotine in your system can cause nicotine poisoning. The symptoms of this include headaches, stomach ache, vomiting and nausea, and a loss of appetite, as well as increased blood pressure and dehydration.

5. Disposing of your snus

Grab the snus pouch and take it out or use your tongue to remove it. Dispose of the used pouch in a trash can. Littering is not cool. If you are at a restaurant, either excuse yourself and go to the bathroom, or use a napkin.

6. Store your snus in the fridge to keep it fresh longer

Keep the tin you are currently using easily accessible in your pocket, handbag or on your desk. It will keep fresh for about a week. Store the rest of your snus tins in the fridge to keep it from drying out and to keep it tasty and fresh.